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Award-winning director Ramin Bahrani’s film GOODBYE SOLO will open this weekend in New York City, and Chicago. The film will be opening nationwide in a few weeks. To watch the trailer click here, or to learn more about the film, click here.

BRONX PRINCESS, a documentary film by Yoni Brook and Musa Syeed, follows headstrong 17-year-old Rocky’s journey during the tumultuous summer between high-school and college as she leaves behind her mother in New York City to reunite with her father, a chief in Ghana, West Africa. The film screened at the 2009 True/False Film Festival and is airing on PBS’ POV series on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 10:00pm!

Please return me to the days of Steenbeck’s and splicing tape.  I feel as though the three years that I took off from serious editing (and the purchase of software upgrades) have left me comparable to a Triassic fossil in the digital world.  I just sent off my final cut (finally!), the one that will hopefully be shown at Reach Out 2009 on April 6th, and I have come to a conclusion that other young filmmakers may find valuable.  If you want to do anything involving editing in this crazy world, even as a director overseeing your projects, take an editing class in the very last semester before you graduate.  Then, once you graduate, read several video technology blogs or publications.  The field is advancing at too fast of a pace, and if you blink as I did, you are going to get left behind.  Going into this project, I was a “Final Cut Expert” with seven years of experience.  Five hundred crashes and a complete system overhaul later, I finally feel intermediate again.

Additionally, Sensible Bathtub 2.0 went live this weekend (special thanks to the many hours my producer, Maile Lani, put into the design and implementation).  Why, you ask, would a ten minute film need a sequel website?  Well, this one was designed after principal photography, so the actual look of the film was taken into account in the design.  It’s also Word Press!  Meaning that I will be more likely to update it now that I don’t have to open Dreamweaver to do so.  And it also offers all types of RSS feeds and links to the film’s Facebook page, Myspace page, and Twitter feed, making it fully Web 2.0 marketing compatible.  (Executive MBA program admissions councils Googling me, please take note.)  In case you missed the link, you can click here.  Or copy into your browser.

HOMETOWN BAGHDAD, an online web series produced by the global youth dialogue company Chat the Planet, tells the stories of three young Iraqis struggling to survive in Baghdad during the war. The footage from the webisodes has been turned into a two-hour TV special which is airing on the Sundance Channel on Thursday, March 19th at 11:30pm. To view clips of Sundance Channel’s upcoming broadcast of HOMETOWN BAGHDAD click here. To view your local tv listings please click here.

ENTRE NOS, a film written by Gloria LaMorte & Paola Mendoza, and a Cinereach grant recipient, will make its World Premiere at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. Mendoza directed as well as starred in this film, which follows the hardships a family goes through after relocating to New York from Colombia. Please visit the Tribeca Film Festival website for more details about screening dates, times and location.

RFF Advisor Paola Mendoza’s film Entre Nos, which she directed, co-wrote with Gloria LaMorte as well as starred in, an incredible feat, will be making its world premiere at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival in the “Discovery” category – congrats Paola!

To read the entire indieWire article, click here or to learn more about the film click here.

The Sundance Institute interviews friends and co-directors, Geeta Patel and Senain Khesgi on their documentary film PROJECT KASHMIR. The film follows the co-directors, two American friends from opposite sides of the divide, as they investigate the war in Kashmir and find their friendship tested over deeply rooted political, cultural and religious biases they never had to face in the U.S. To read the full Insider piece, please click here.

Treehugger’s Alex Pasternack calls THE ROAD AHEAD: THE FIRST GREEN LONG MARCH “lyrical” and “A new must-see film.” Click here to read the full article.

Sandi DuBowski’s (RFF 07-08 Mentor and Cinereach Grant Recipient) film TREMBLING BEFORE G-D, which tells the previously untold stories of gay and lesbian Orthodox and Hasidic Jews is now available on iTunes! Click here to learn more about the film, and Sandi’s other projects.


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