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Cinereach Selects Winter 2011 Grantees

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Winter grantees have been selected!
Dear Friends of Cinereach,
This winter, Cinereach received over 1000 applications for funding from more than 70 countries! This has been our most competitive grant round to date. Today we’re pleased to announce our latest grantees. Thirteen projects will receive $400,000 in funds. The selected films exemplify our commitment to funding vital stories, artfully told.

As you may know, Cinereach supports first-time feature directors, as well as filmmakers building on prior achievements and moving in new directions. The selected films also range from the early research and development phase to the final stages of post-production.

These projects tackle a number of timely themes and topics from unexpected viewpoints. We’re excited for the many surprises that will be revealed as each one progresses towards completion:

The Angola Project (Nonfiction)
Dir. Jeremy Xido | Angola | In Research & Development
A post-colonial western-meets-road film about the fevered reconstruction of the Benguela Transcontinental Railway and the African and Chinese lives that are intertwined because of it. » More
Diamond, Silver & Gold (Nonfiction)
Dir. Jason Kohn | USA | In Production
A look into the origins of life, synthetic diamonds and other nagging problems.» More
The Great Invisible (Nonfiction)
Dir. Margaret Brown | USA | In Production
An observational documentary about the Gulf oil spill and the resulting moratorium on drilling in the Gulf.» More
In the Last Days of the City (Fiction)
Dir. Tamer El Said | Egypt | In Post-Production
A filmmaker comes of age in a city on the brink of revolution. » More
Just Do It: A Tale of Modern Day Outlaws (Nonfiction)
Dir. Emily James | UK | In Post-Production
An observational documentary providing unprecedented access to the environmental direct action movement in the UK.» More
Montana Medical Marijuana Film (Nonfiction)
Dir. Rebecca Richman Cohen | USA | In Production
Reflecting the controversies enveloping the marijuana industry throughout the United States, Montana braces itself to become the first state to repeal a medical marijuana law. » More
Narco Cultura(Nonfiction)
Dir. Shaul Schwarz | Mexico/USA | In Post-Production
An in-depth and vivid exploration of a new, powerful culture fueled by the cartels responsible for Mexico’s deadly drug wars. » More
The Patron Saints (Nonfiction)
Dir. Melanie Shatzky & Brian Cassidy | USA/Canada | In Post-Production
A disquieting and hyperrealistic glimpse into life at a nursing home.
The Scribe of Uraba (Fiction)
Dir. Jeff & Michael Zimbalist | USA/Colombia | In Development
When her father is murdered in rural Colombia, Alcira Gil embarks on a quest for justice that is larger than her family, her village, or even her country. » More

States (Nonfiction)
Dir. David Soll | USA/Southern Sudan/Western Sahara | In Research & Development
The world’s only freelance diplomats guide non-states in their struggle for recognition, through the pageantry of international affairs. » More
Strong Island(Nonfiction)
Dir. Yance Ford | USA | In Production
A documentary about the violent death of the filmmaker’s brother nearly 20 years ago, and how the collision of silence, fear and the judiciary allowed his killer to go free. » More
Ushio + Noriko (Nonfiction)
Dir. Zachary Heinzerling | USA | In Post-Production
A meditation on companionship, sacrifice, and the creative spirit, this love story explores the chaotic forty-year marriage of two New York-based, Japanese artists. » More
The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga (Nonfiction)
Dir. Jessica Oreck | Russia/Poland/Ukraine | In Post-Production
A descent into the woodlands of Eastern Europe that uncovers the secrets of the mysterious mushroom and the mythic qualities of the forest it inhabits. » More
Thanks for keeping up with Cinereach news. We hope to be in touch with you again soon.

Happy spring!

Best regards,
Adella Ladjevardi
Grants Manager

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  1. Ellen says:

    What an interesting list of grantees and what a wonderful mission for Cinereach.

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