Grants & Awards

Summer Pasture

– by Lynn True & Nelson Walker & Tsering Perlo

    1. Nonfiction

    2. Date Awarded: 2008

    3. Directors(s): Lynn True & Nelson Walker & Tsering Perlo

    1. Company Credit: Kham Film Project

    2. Location: Tibet

    1. Film Status: Completed

    2. URL: » Summer Pasture site

About the Film:

In recent years, growing pressures from the outside world have posed unprecedented challenges for Tibetan nomads. Rigid government policies, rangeland degradation, and the allure of modern life have prompted many nomadic families to leave the pastures for permanent settlement in towns and cities. According to nomads, the world has entered duegnan – “dark times.” Summer Pasture is a feature-length documentary that chronicles one summer with a young family amidst this period of great uncertainty. Locho, his wife Yama, and their infant daughter, nicknamed Jiatomah (“pale chubby girl”), spend the summer months in the Zachukha grasslands, an area known as Wu-Zui or “5-Most,” – the highest, coldest, poorest, largest, and most remote county in Sichuan Province, China. The story of a family at a crossroads, A Nomad’s Life takes place at a critical time in Locho and Yama’s lives, as they consider their future as nomads. As their pastoral traditions confront rapid modernization, Locho and Yama must reconcile the challenges that threaten to drastically reshape their existence.

About the Filmmakers:

Lynn True (Director) - After graduating from Brown University with a joint degree in Urban Studies and Architecture, Lynn worked on feature films and documentary programs for NBC News and PBS. As Creative Director at Magnet Media, she also produced educational films on multimedia technology before returning to concentrate on independent filmmaking. Her most recent film, Lumo, premiered on the PBS series, P.O.V. Lynn first traveled to Tibet as a documentarian for the Kham Geotourism Project, a joint initiative of the Tibetan & Himalayan Library and Machik, and it was out of this experience that she and Nelson Walker decided to launch the Kham Film Project.

Nelson Walker III (Director) began his career in filmmaking working on documentaries for Discovery Channel, History Channel and PBS’s NOVA. His first film, iThemba Hope, aired on Sundance Channel in 2005. Nelson has worked as visiting instructor of filmmaking at Tibet University in Lhasa and is a contributor to the Tibetan & Himalayan Library. His most recent film, Lumo, made its television debut as part of the P.O.V. series on PBS. Nelson holds an MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University School of the Arts and is a Project Director at the Maysles Institute.

Festival & Award Highlights:

Full Frame 2010 – World Premiere, Inspirational Award Special Jury Prize
BANFF Mountain 2010 – Best Feature
Dallas Video Festival 2010 – Albert Maysles Award
Yerevan Int’l Festival 2011 – Silver Apricot
RAI Film Festival 2011 – RAI Award Special Jury Commendation
Trento 2011 – Grand Jury Prize
San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival 2011 – Jury Award for Visual Achievement
Palm Springs 2011 – John Schlesinger Award
Dok Leipzig 2010
Tokyo 2010