Grants & Awards

Inside Out – The People’s Art Project

– by Alastair Siddons

    1. Nonfiction

    2. Date Awarded: Summer 2011

    3. Directors(s): Alastair Siddons

    1. Producer(s): Emile Abinal

    2. Company Credit: Social Animals

    3. Location: USA, France, Tunisia, Japan, Portugal

    1. Film Status: Completed

    2. URL: » Inside Out site

About the Film:

This fascinating documentary tracks the evolution of the biggest participatory art project in the world, the wildly popular Inside Out. Travel the globe with French artist JR as he motivates entire communities to define their most important causes with incredibly passionate displays of giant black and white portraits pasted in the street. We witness young and old taking ownership of walls that were previously restricted and in doing so testing the limits of what they thought was possible. In capturing the process, Alastair Siddons creates a glowing testament to the power of image and the role that art can play in transforming communities.

About the Filmmakers:

Alastair Siddons (Director) is an award winning film maker across a wide range of platforms including documentary, music videos and drama. He recently completed his first dramatic feature film In The Dark Half which is due to be released later this year. His internationally acclaimed feature documentary Turn it Loose (which JR contributed an installation toward) saw him make a film with six languages in countries as diverse as Algeria, Senegal, Japan and Brazil. Alastair has worked with JR for five years and was involved in the filming of Woman Are Heroes in Kenya, India and Cambodia.  Alongside a strong working relationship, he understands the philosophy JR brings to his projects and is in a key position to gain access into the inner workings of this wish. (Profiled Artist) JR’s career as a photographer began when he found a camera in the Paris subway. His first book Carnet de Rue, about street artists, appeared in 2005. In 2006, he launched Portrait of a Generation, huge-format  portraits of suburban “thugs” from Paris’ notorious banlieues, posted on the walls of the bourgeois districts of Paris.  In 2007 he did Face 2 Face, which some consider the biggest illegal photo exhibition ever. JR and a grassroots team of community members posted huge portraits of Israelis and Palestinians face to face in eight Palestinian and Israeli cities, and on both sides of the security fence/separation barrier. He embarked on a long international trip in 2008 for his project Women Are Heroes, a project underlining the dignity of women who are the target of conflict. In 2010, his first film Women Are Heroes was presented at the Cannes Film Festival (La Semaine de la Critique), where it was in competition for the Camera d’Or award. JR is currently working on three new projects: Inside Out, Wrinkles of the City, and Unframed.

Festival & Award Highlights:

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 – World Premiere