Grants & Awards

Untitled Sara Jane Moore Project

– by Robinson Devor

    1. Fiction

    2. Date Awarded: Summer 2010

    3. Directors(s): Robinson Devor

    1. Producer(s): Joshua Zeman, Amy Rapp

    2. Location: USA

    1. Film Status: In Development

About the Film:

Sara Jane Moore was a suburban, middle-aged mother who attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford on Sept. 22, 1975 in San Francisco, CA. In a very short time, Moore went from a Beverly Hills socialite to a radical leftist who advocated the violent overthrow of the government. Remarkably, during this time she also worked as a double agent for the FBI. As Moore’s conflicting loyalties to the Left and the FBI grew, she decided to anonymously reveal her story to the Press. This confession, however, led to her public outing as an informant and both sides put a price on her head. It could be argued that Moore’s desire to get back at these two groups, as well as an overwhelming state of fear and alienation, resulted in her plan for revenge – to kill the President and throw the United States into turmoil. She almost succeeded, the bullet shot from Sara Jane Moore’s gun came within a mere six inches of Ford, and to this day she remains the only woman to ever take a shot at an active president.  Moore served 32 years of her life prison sentence, and was paroled in 2007.

About the Filmmakers:

Robinson Devor (Writer/Director)’s Zoo, his second film, made its world premiere at 2007 Sundance Film Festival, and then on to the prestigious Cannes Directors Fortnight. It was recently named by Filmmaker as “One of the Top 25 Indie Films of The Decade” and is now part of the MoMa’s permanent collection. His first film, Police Beat (Sundance 2005) was named one of 2005’s best films by NY Times, Film Comment and Art Forum. Critics labeled it, “sensationally gorgeous” (Variety), “emotionally devastating” (New York Times) and “one gorgeous widescreen image after another” (Film Threat).  Police Beat was nominated for a Gotham Award ’05 & Indie Spirit Award ’06.

Charles Mudede (Co-Writer) is the Associate Editor for the Seattle-based alternative arts and culture newspaper, The Stranger, as well as lecturer in English Humanities at Pacific Lutheran University. Mudede is also the co-writer of Police Beat and Zoo.

Joshua Zeman (Producer) has been creating and collaborating in the independent film business for over 10 years. Notably, he co-produced Mysterious Skin, The Station Agent, and The Hawk is Dying. For Choking Man, which he produced with Zachary Mortensen at Ghost Robot, he received an IFP Gotham Award.  Most recently, he produced Against the Current, which premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and served as executive producer for Ceremony (Toronto Film Festival 2010).  2010 marked his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed documentary, Cropsey, which he also wrote and produced.