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Submissions Open for Rooftop Films 2011 Summer Series!

A couple announcements courtesy of our dear friend Rooftop Films:

Rooftop Films

2011 Summer Series Submissions Are Open:

Submissions are open for the Rooftop Films 2011 season. The 2011 Summer Series will run from May through September and will feature more than 200 daring new films, all screened outdoors, in front of big, loyal audiences in parks, on boats, and on rooftops overlooking the greatest city in the world. In 2010 Rooftop organized 10 outdoor shows in Toronto, Philadelphia, Pittsburg and other cities all across the Northeast, and plans to continue its expansion across the U.S. Nearly 30,000 people attended Rooftop screenings in 2010, making it one of the most popular festivals in New York City and one of the biggest festivals for underground films in the world. The submission fee is relatively low, and must only be paid once regardless of how many films a filmmaker submits. In addition, each filmmaker who submits gets two free Rooftop tickets as a thank you.

Equipment Rentals Discount:

When Rooftop isn’t using its equipment to put on shows throughout the summer, it rents it out at a low cost to artists and non-profits. This helps us not only sustain Rooftop programs, but also to support emerging artists and film festivals. Rooftop has a variety of projectors, screens, sound equipment, and cameras, as well as tech staff and is offering a discount of 15% off all equipment and services through 12/31.

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