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We love to tell captivating and innovative stories that aim to change cultural narratives, stories with broad appeal that inspire conversations and shift perspectives.

For over 15 years, we have built a reputation for artistic excellence, supporting more than 200 works from bold, visionary filmmakers around the world, winning acclaim and awards along the way. Now we have begun an exciting new chapter, leveraging insights from data and research in an innovative approach that empowers creators — not just in film but across all forms of media — to craft compelling new stories that will inspire audiences to help build a more equitable, regenerative, and resilient society.

Banner image featuring film stills from The Hottest August, Shirkers, Beach Rats and Matangi, Maya, M.I.A.

We consider ourselves a “creative playground,” pioneering new ways of pairing artistic vision with systems thinking and social impact strategy. We’re incubating a unique, multi-stage process that unites traditional content financing and investment with research, workshops, and authentic community engagement, bringing diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and data to the table while preserving an independent artistic approach. Our goal: engaging, impactful stories with broad appeal, supercharged for meaningful cultural impact. We believe working with us will change the way you think about how stories can be made. Learn more about our process.

We invite creators, visionaries, change-makers, researchers and potential partners of all stripes who share our vision for the power of narrative change to join us on this journey.

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