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Alexander Porter (Co-Creator, Director) is an experimental photographer and VR director. His career as a digital artist and documentarian enable him to combine traditional approaches with computational photography; exploring the documentary potential of emerging reality capture techniques. Alexander is the Co-Creator of DepthKit, a company creating volumetric filmmaking techniques for virtual reality.

James George (Co-Creator, Technical Director) addresses the emotional response to science fiction technologies as they become reality. He is Co-Director of the interactive documentary CLOUDS, profiling communities at the intersection of creativity and computation, and Co-Creator of the DepthKit, a volumetric filmmaking system, to equip the next generation of filmmakers with a new cinematic vernacular. He has applied this format towards feature films, interactive installations, and software products advancing the art of the moving image.

Mei-Ling Wong (Co-Creator, Producer) is a multi-disciplinary producer with an extensive career producing for advertising agencies and production companies in both the US and Australasia. Mei-Ling’s experience encompasses a range of mediums including film, visual effects, motion graphics, live performance and experiential installations.

Yasmin Elayat (Creative Director) is a new media artist, experience designer and creative technologist. Her work pushes the boundaries of immersive and collaborative storytelling experiences, ranging from new media documentary to immersive environments, and site-specific installations. Yasmin is the Co-Creator of 18DaysInEgypt: A Participatory Interactive Documentary Project about the Egyptian Revolution supported by TFI, Sundance and the Ford Foundation.

Elie Zananiri (Game-Engine Developer) is a creative developer specialized in large-scale installations, mobile applications, and user interfaces. His work experiments with breaking social boundaries in public spaces, through immersive experiences and generative compositions. Elie is a regular contributor to open-source software projects, including the Processing and openFrameworks creative coding toolkits.

Blackout is a Cinereach grantee.

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