About the film

In Kanpur, India, hundreds of people risk their lives to climb up electricity poles to steal electricity. As police vehicles roll in to stop the theft, the lines are drawn for a battle over electricity.

About the team

Fahad Mustafa (Director/Producer) was born in Kanpur, grew up in the Middle East, and has lived, studied and worked in India, Europe and North America. Fahad was an Erasmus Mundus Scholar and has previously worked as a researcher with the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and as a freelance writer on energy and development issues in India. Fahad Mustafa’s first feature-length documentary FC Chechnya premiered in 2010 and has won the Audience Award for Best Film at the This Human World Film Festival in Vienna.

Deepti Kakkar (Co-Director/Producer) has worked on several projects in the field of sustainable livelihood development focusing on South Asia, with international NGOs and research groups. She was an Erasmus Mundus Scholar and has previously directed a film on microfinance in India for CARE. Deepti worked on story-development and as production manager on FC Chechnya.

Leopold Koegler (Producer) is a PhD researcher at the University of Vienna. His research interest is globalization and history, and wants to explore these themes cinematically, his other passion. Leopold was an associate producer on FC Chechnya.

Maria Trieb (Producer/Cinematographer) has been working as a cinematographer and editor for the last five years. She has experience in working on advertisements (Red Bull, OeRF, TelekomAustria), music videos (Anna F), documentaries and short films. She has worked in several locations in Europe, the Americas, North Africa and India.

Jamal ‚ÄòFaizy’ Mustafa and Ahsan Iqbal: The local crew in Kanpur, assistant to the director and production assistant respectively, they were both born and are living in Chamanganj, Kanpur. Both were invaluable in gaining access to people and places in Kanpur, especially the closed world of the electricity thieves.

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