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As the call for social justice in Cairo snowballs into an all out demand for regime change, 22 year-old Heba, greenhorn journalist and democratic activist, is at the heart of the events shaping Egypt’s future.

About the team

Mai Iskander (Producer, Director, Cinematographer) Mai Iskander’s directorial debut, Garbage Dreams was nominated for the 2010 Best Documentary by the Director’s Guild of America, and has won 26 international awards including the Al Gore Reel Current Award and IDA Humanitas Award. Filmed over the course of four years, Garbage Dreams follows three teenage boys growing up in Egypt’s largest garbage village. Garbage Dreams aired on PBS/Independent Lens for the occasion of Earth Day 2010 and has been screened in over 100 international film festivals. As a cinematographer, Mai has worked on TV shows for A&E, PBS, and LOGO. She has filmed numerous dramatics, commercials and documentaries, including Watchers of the Sky by Academy Award Nominee Edet Belzberg.

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