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A blind-deaf man who once thought he could do nothing in this world starts exploring the world and learning to love his life in his own way.

About the team

Seung-Jun Yi (Director) is one of the most renown Korean directors in the world documentary scene. Amongst over a dozen documentaries Seung-Jun has directed, Children of God (2008) captures the moments of harsh lives of the children living at the crematorium in Katmandu, Nepal. It won the Netpac award at the Chonju International Film Festival and the Telly Award for best cinematography, and it has traveled the world including HotDocs 2009. Seung-Jun’s interest has always focused on the life of, so called, the unseen minorities. This has become his signature style of filmmaking.

Min-Chul Kim (Producer) has built a strong track record as a uniquely international producer based in Korea. Kim’s filmography includes Iron Crows (2009) that won best mid-length documentary award at IDFA 2009 and best documentary award at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas 2010 and is still up in the air traveling around the world. Kim’s latest documentary My Barefoot Friend (2010) freshly entered IDFA 2010 feature length documentary competition and is ready for its world premiere in Amsterdam.

Planet of Snail is a Cinereach grantee.

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